Pain Points VS Solutions

Multiple bills

A consumer is bombarded with multiple invoices every month, which Increases stress and irritation. Such inferior service leads to poor customer experiences.

A single consolidated bill for multiple billing systems vastly enhances customer experience and increases brand loyalty, by portraying a premium brand image.

Lack of Flexibility

Planning is more effective when flexibility is provided.

Consolidated bill payments can be made on a single date or multiple dates, based on a customer's preference.

Confusing Representation

Without itemization customers are always suspicious about the bills they receive.

Comprehensive invoice breakup promotes transparency to increase trust in the brand.

Missing Payments

A significant number of customers do not pay their bill because invoices don’t reach them on time.

70% faster invoice generation significantly reduces outstanding payments and improves a business' day sales outstanding ratio.

Bill Shock

Inaccurate billing is a leading cause of customer frustration and increased churn rate.

Embedded logic holds back irregular bills, until further clarification, to ensure that customers don’t experience bill shock.

Payment Reminders

Lack of payment reminders through the right channels delay payments and lead to complexities.

Multichannel reminders for payment dues, including social media messaging, ensure that customers are well aware of their payment due date.

Payment Split

Irregular payment split leads to hassles in business operations and finance.

In-built payment distribution logic ensures that the expected proportions are maintained when disbursing payments to a business.


Budget is always a constraint when implementing a fresh solution.

Implementation on virtual machines reduces cost by 20%. Advertising space gives room to monetize on invoices with in-situ marketing.