Connect with Customers
Connect with Customers

#EstablishRelationships through #Innovation

  • Advertising space for personalized ads to improve customer engagement
  • Engaging mobile App for easy access and tracking
  • Interactive PDF Invoice to enhance customer experience
  • Video Billing for advanced customer engagement
Improve Customer Experience
Improve Customer Experience

#CurtailChurn with #StreamlinedExperiences

  • Consolidated bills with a single payment date for multiple billing systems
  • Comprehensive bill breakdown to enhance bill transparency
  • Bill validation to avoid customer irritation
  • Bill Shock Prevention to avoid customer frustration
  • Flexible Payment modes including Apple Pay and Google Pay
Unleash Customer Delight
Unleash Customer Delight

#ExceedExpectations to #EngageCustomers

  • Competent chatbot that delivers instant answers to eliminate call waiting
  • Enhanced analytics to minimize cost on successive billing cycles
  • Omni channel experience that is highly responsive to any computing device
  • Best fit plans suggestions for a personalized experience
Streamline Business Operations
Streamline Business Operations

#HassleFree #Automation

  • Invoice processing time slashed by 70% to reduce total outstanding payments
  • Flexible Payment Distribution that enables better financial planning
  • Helpdesk enablement through chatbot to save on call center expenses and increase revenue
  • Churn out high quality output with fully automated processes to eliminate human error
  • Promote targeted ads with marketing campaign management
Simplify Integration
Simplify Integration

#EmployInnovation to #DeployEffortlessly

  • Microservice enabled architecture to power easy integration with existing IT ecosystem
  • Provision to implement on shared virtual hardware to reduce cost by 20%
  • Short implementation cycle to ensure undisrupted flow of business processes
  • Cloud-ready invoicing service to reduce implementation cost significantly
Be Future-Ready
Be Future-Ready

#SmarterTechnology to #StayAhead

  • Voice integration with Amazon Echo, Google Home and IBM Watson to improve customer experience and empower businesses to stay ahead
  • Auto-scaling of resources based on process requirement to reduce infrastructure cost
  • Highly configurable future-ready systems to reduce deployment hassles and code change efforts
Enhance Productivity
Enhance Productivity

#RevenueMultiplied through #OptimizedServiceability

  • Live Invoice Generation Tracking to understand the status of operations at every instance
  • Ample space for personalized ads to monetize on invoices
  • Role based CXO dashboards for better management
  • Competent chatbot that delivers instant answers to reduce load on call centers and increase revenue