Bill shock is a thing of the past

The evolution of digitalization has changed the way businesses work and function, largely for the betterment of organizations and their customers. Bill shock is far up the ladder of evolution, in the rarefied realm where customer experience is prioritized. Simply put, bill shock is the shock that one receives on viewing their bill because of erroneous presentation.

How does this affect an organization?

A sudden jump in a customer’s bill from a regular amount of $25 to $75 will elicit feelings of anger and betrayal, which can manifest itself in many ways to hurt a business. Negative reviews can keep away potential customers and hamper marketing initiatives. An irregular bill to a long-term service recipient can cause havoc. From umpteen calls to customer care representatives to disconnection of services, a business will undergo damaging losses on many fronts. It is safe to say that an irate customer is the bane of any business.

Fortunately, digitalization has birthed software to prevent bill shock. The in-built logic in these systems ensure that irregular bills are held back for clarification before dispatch. In doing so, customers are insulated from bill shock, ensuring better customer experience and enabling the organization to harness the potential of brand loyalty.